Upcoming Events
8/20/2014 - Fitness Club-9am
8/21/2014 - NA 7:30p.m.
8/25/2014 - Fitness Club-9am
8/26/2014 - Boy Scouts 7pm
8/27/2014 - Fitness Club-9am
8/28/2014 - NA 7:30p.m.
8/30/2014 - Get your KYLIE Q BBQ-11am til close of Auction


We Can!

Fitness Group


"You Can, I Can, We Can Together!"


    Monday & Wednesday  9-10am


  We’re exercising together to get healthy!     

Feel free to come and check it out anytime.

New members are always welcome!


        Call ahead if you need a Nursery Attendant for your children (712) 258-1226.